Past Events

McMenamins 2019 Spring Brunch Spring 2019 Brunch at McMenamins

Nine members and friends enjoyed this year's spring brunch on Saturday, June 8 at McMenamins on Queen Anne.  The food was very tasty. The servers were busy though very accommodating. Dignity/Seattle thanks McMenamins for their generosity each year in helping to support Dignity/Seattle's Annual Pride Breakfast.  Don't forget the upcoming 31st Pride Breakfast on Saturday June 29. See you there!

Food Lifeline volunteers on June 6, 2019 Frozen Broccoli by the Scoop

Plenty of digging into boxes of frozen broccoli was the challenge for 5 Dignity Members and friends who joined up with 14 others to bag 1432 one-pound bags of the nutritious vegetable for distribution to food banks and homeless shelters in western Washington.  The two hours passed very quickly and so did the boxes as they were stacked on pallets that were readied for trucking the following morning.  Nice to meet up with and make new friends from other charitable volunteer groups.  The Dignity Board is considering a possible switch to the 1st Thursday of alternate months to match that of oth

Dignity/Seattle volunteers sorting oranges , Over 14 pallets of oranges ready for distribution A Few Bad Oranges

A few bad oranges but over 15,000 pounds of edible oranges saved for distribution to food banks in Western Washington.  Four Dignity/Seattle members together with 26 volunteers working the evening shift at the Food Lifeline warehouse on Tuesday, April 2nd sorted through 22 large bins of oranges to discard any mushy or moldy product.  The remaining were placed in banana boxes which were then placed on pallets, wrapped, and labeled making the over 14 pallets ready for delivery the next morning.

Dignity's 1st Quarter 2019 Brunch Dignity's 1st Quarter 2019 Brunch

Seven members and friends of Dignity enjoyed a mighty fine brunch at The Varsity Inn Restaurant in Wallingford on Saturday, March 16.   The food was tasty and the staff very friendly and accommodating.   The venue worked so nicely for our little group as we were able to sit together towards the back wall and visit.  Looking forward to meeting up again at one or more of a variety of Dignity activities including the April 2nd volunteer evening at Food Lifeline , and next quarter's brunch.

Repacking Peas and Carrots for the Hungry Peas and Carrots for the Hungry

Repacking Peas and Carrots for the hungry in Western Washington was the task for a total of 47 volunteers working at the Food Lifeline Warehouse in South Park on Tuesday evening December 4.  Seven Dignity/Seattle members and friends joined in the repacking effort.  An estimated 4,600 pounds were repackaged in a little over 2 hours.  The next Food Lifeline volunteer evening is set for February 5th.