Past Events

Repacking Peas and Carrots for the Hungry Peas and Carrots for the Hungry

Repacking Peas and Carrots for the hungry in Western Washington was the task for a total of 47 volunteers working at the Food Lifeline Warehouse in South Park on Tuesday evening December 4.  Seven Dignity/Seattle members and friends joined in the repacking effort.  An estimated 4,600 pounds were repackaged in a little over 2 hours.  The next Food Lifeline volunteer evening is set for February 5th.

Christmas Party Dinner 2018 Holiday Party Dinner 2018

Thank you Annah and Delia for your generous hospitality in hosting our annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 1st.  Thirteen members and friends enjoyed a wonderful spread of ham, a varied spread of potluck items and desserts.  Also a big thank you to those contributing to the purchase of blankets for Seattle's Tent City 5. Wishing everyone a safe and joyous holiday season.

Invitation to Dignity/Seattle's 45 Anniversary Dinner Celebration 45th Anniversary Dinner Celebration

In celebration of our 45 years all members and friends of Dignity are welcome to our anniversary dinner celebration at 6pm on Sunday, October 28, 2018 at the Ivar's Salmon House.  Please RSVP before October 20 with your menu selection.  Check the dinner invitation for additional information.  Looking forward to sharing the joys with friends met through Dignity over the years.

Food Lifeline Volunteer evening Oct 16, 2018 - Sorting Potatoes , Food Lifeline Volunteer evening Oct 16, 2018 - Pallets of Potatoes Dignity/Seattle Does Spuds

On Tuesday, October 16, four Dignity/Seattle members together with almost a dozen volunteers from other organizations sorted through several tons of potatoes to rescue over 7100 pounds of perfectly edible spuds.  Also recovered were a few oddly shaped spuds that would unlikely be found in a grocery store. The potatoes were boxed, weighed, stacked on pallets, and staged for an early morning pickup for distribution to approximately 275 food banks in Western Washington. We hope you can join us for our next Food Lifeline volunteer evening on Tuesday, December 4th.

Food Lifeline Volunteer evening August 14, 2018 USPS Stamp Out Hunger Food Sort on August 14, 2018

What happens to the food you donate to the USPS Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive?
Guided by the watchful eye of The Food Lifeline Volunteer Coordinator, Adam Fox, four Dignity/Seattle members sorted a variety of items donated during the US Postal Service's May 12th Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.  During our 2 hour operation together with volunteers from other organizations we stacked ten pallets of nutritious and supplemental food items and readied them for delivery to Food Banks in Western Washington. Hope you can join us for the next Food Lifeline volunteer night on October 2nd.