Picnic BBQ 2017

Event Date

Seventeen members and guests enjoyed a wonderful picnic in the shade of a large tree on Becky's backyard lawn on Saturday afternoon, August 5th. Thank you Becky for sharing your very pleasant home and yard for this year's annual BBQ picnic.  Dignity/Seattle's grill master Tom again cooked to perfection a bunch of burgers and dogs to feed the hungry crowd.  Actually famished better describes our hungry Leo who finally pedaled in, following the repair of a couple flat tires.  Little Eli (age 5) and Ashton (age 2) kept us all entertained.  Paula, Laure, and Leo shared stories of this year's Boston National Convention including that of the tears and excitement when the Convention's Buschek award winner was announced. Congratulations Leo!  What had been a hot week had turned into a very pleasant afternoon with friends in Becky's private backyard setting.  Wishing everyone a peaceful and comfortable second half to the summer.  - the Dignity/Seattle Board