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Being part of the Dignity/Seattle family means claiming ownership of our faith and living up to the responsibilities of that ownership

Past Events

  • Nine members and friends enjoyed this year's spring brunch on Saturday, June 8 at McMenamins on Queen Anne.  The food was very tasty. The servers were busy though very accommodating.

  • Plenty of digging into boxes of frozen broccoli was the challenge for 5 Dignity Members and friends who joined up with 14 others to bag 1432 one-pound bags of the nutritious vegetable for distribution to food banks and homeless shelters in western Washington.  The two hours passed very quickly an

  • A few bad oranges but over 15,000 pounds of edible oranges saved for distribution to food banks in Western Washington.

  • Seven members and friends of Dignity enjoyed a mighty fine brunch at The Varsity Inn Restaurant in Wallingford on Saturday, March 16.   The food was tasty and the staff very friendly and accommodating.   The venue worked so nicely for our little group as we were able to sit together towards the b

  • Repacking Peas and Carrots for the hungry in Western Washington was the task for a total of 47 volunteers working at the Food Lifeline Warehouse in South Park on Tuesday evening December 4.  Seven Dignity/Seattle members and friends joined in the repacking effort.  An estimated 4,600 pounds were