Food Lifeline

Sorting Dry Goods for Food Lifeline

Event Date

Tuesday evening, April 3rd, five members and friends of Dignity/Seattle sorted a wide variety of nonperishable food and household essentials for the needy across Western Washington. Our efforts combined with those from a couple additional organizations boxed and stacked on pallets over 12,000 pounds of dry goods. We hope you can join us for our next Food Lifeline volunteer evening on Tuesday, June 5th.

Preparing cabbage for distribution

Event Date

On the first Tuesday evening in February, Dignity/Seattle members and friends prepared several bins worth of cabbage for distribution to needy families in western Washington.  During the little over 2 hour volunteer session our team enjoyed meeting and visiting with those from a church and a business organization.  The work, if you call it that, was in removing the less appetizing outer leaves from heads of cabbage.  Join us for the next volunteer opportunity on Tuesday, April 3rd.

Food Lifeline Baked Goods - December 5

Event Date

Dignity/Seattle's Food Lifeline volunteer contingent has grown to include a couple more volunteers from the Wallingford St. Ben's Parish.  Dignity Seattle's team of nine outpaced all others in two hours of sorting through various baked goods, and placing the newly packed boxes onto pallets of desserts, sliced breads, and other unsliced breads and rolls.  All involved rescued over 9000 pounds of baked goods providing nearly 7500 meals for our hungry neighbors across Western Washington.  Join the team on February 6, 2018 from 6pm to 8pm for the next Food Lifeline Volunteer opportunity.