Summer Barbecue at Woodland Park Shelter 7

Event Date

To all Dignity Members and Friends of Dignity,Please join us for a summer barbecue at 3pm Sunday
afternoon July 21, 2019 at the lower Woodland Park Shelter 7 to celebrate summer together with birthdays
and anniversaries that occur in July, August, or September. Dinner is planned for around 3:30pm. Dignity
will be providing the hotdogs and hamburgers including meatless alternatives, buns, and condiments.
Attendees are asked to bring a dish according to the yearly quarter in which their birthday or anniversary
falls: first quarter - salad, second - beverage, third - dessert, and fourth - side dish. No alcoholic beverages are
allowed in Seattle's parks.The shelter is located just off Aurora Ave to the east near Green Lake. You can
drive to shelter #7 from West Green Lake Way N. by driving to the end of the small road by the tennis courts
and dog park, then make a left towards the small parking area. Shelter 7 is near the end (south end) of the
parking area. Any mapping app should be able to navigate you to "Woodland Park Picnic Shelter #7".
Contact Dignity/Seattle at the phone listed for a printable PDF drawing showing Shelter 7's location.